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Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR56737 - Fixing a bug in the I/O format cache handling

On 03/28/2013 03:21 AM, Tobias Burnus wrote:
> Tobias Burnus wrote:
>> b) To copy the format string
>> The attached patch does the latter. The current hashing algorithm avoids hash
>> collisions by checking whether the value is exactly the same - and the value
>> is given by the format string. Thus, instead of copying the string when
>> storing the format in the cache, the patch copies it now before calling
>> parse_format_list.
> Re-reading what Jerry wrote, I realized that the current code disables format
> caching for strings (but not for Holleriths). With my patch, that's no longer
> required. Attached is a missed-optimization patch.
>> Bootstrapped and regtested on x86-64-gnu-linux.
>> OK for the trunk and the 4.6/4.7/4.8 branches?
> (Or should the follow-up patch only applied to the trunk?)

I would treat all as part of one patch fixing the original issue which was a
known TODO:

Please goto trunk first and give it some settling time.  If all is OK, I would
go ahead and backport. It does fix a regression.


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