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Re: [PING^5] PR 54805: __gthread_tsd* in vxlib-tls.c

It looks like this message didn't go through; if you get this multiple times I apologize. I've been having issues so I don't trust that it sent correctly :/

On 19-Mar-13 03:04, Maxim Kuvyrkov wrote:

Will commit to trunk once the server is up.

Regarding 4.8, we should've really tried to work it out earlier.  If you want to pursue backport to 4.8, please attach the log of PPA system rejecting the package

The error is:

Finished at 20130318-0642
Build needed 00:14:20, 804796k disk space
Function `__gthread_get_tsd_data' implicitly converted to pointer at /build/buildd/gcc-powerpc-wrs-vxworks-4.8.0+0svn196132/libgcc/config/vxlib-tls.c:164

Our automated build log filter detected the problem(s) above that will
likely cause your package to segfault on architectures where the size of
a pointer is greater than the size of an integer, such as ia64 and amd64.

This is often due to a missing function prototype definition.

Since use of implicitly converted pointers is always fatal to the application
on ia64, they are errors.  Please correct them for your next upload.

This problem does not apply on the target (powerpc-wrs-vxworks), where sizeof(int*) == sizeof(int(*)()) == sizeof(int) == 4. However, the build system's filters are too stupid to realize this. Because the warning is spurious really the fact that the automated build system rejects the package is a bug on the build system's part. However, doing it the Right Way is so _easy_...

(fwiw, I don't quite understand which launchpad you are referring to).

I am referring to

Thanks for your help.

Robert Mason

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