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[patch] fix libstdc++/56492

This fixes a non-conformance issue in std::packaged_task which we've
decided should be addressed for 4.8

std::function cannot be used with non-CopyConstructible targets, so
this replaces std::function in the implementation of

        PR libstdc++/56492
        * include/std/future (__future_base::_Result): Add result_type
        (__future_base::_S_allocate_result): Overload for std::allocator.
        (__future_base::_Task_setter): Use _Result::result_type instead of
        deducing the type from the task.
        (__future_base::_Task_state): Store allocator to allow shared state
        to be reset.  Replace std::function with member of target object type
        accessed via ...
        (__future_base::_Task_state_base): New abstract base class.
        (__future_base::_Task_state_base::_M_run): New virtual function to
        invoke type-erased target object.
        (__future_base::_Task_state_base::_M_reset): New virtual function to
        create new shared_state using same target object and allocator.
        (__future_base::__create_task_state): Allocate a new _Task_state.
        (packaged_task::packaged_task): Use __create_task_state.
        (packaged_task::reset): Use _Task_state_base::_M_reset.
        * testsuite/30_threads/packaged_task/cons/ New.

Tested x86_64-linux, committed to trunk.

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