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[PATCH] Tiny make check-gcc parallelization improvement


This patch syncs the list of target exp files (a few have been added in the
last few years).  Also, in my testing, usually vect.exp, guality.exp,
struct-layout-1.exp and i386.exp take quite a lot of time, so it is
undesirable to have them in pairs anymore, so the patch allows running all 4
of them in parallel.

This gained a minute in make -j48 -k check testing on my box.

Bootstrapped/regtested on x86_64-linux and i686-linux, ok for trunk?

2013-03-05  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* (dg_target_exps): Add aarch64.exp, epiphany.exp and
	(check_gcc_parallelize): Run guality.exp as a separate job from
	vect.exp with unsorted.exp and $(dg_target_exps) separately from
	struct-layout-1.exp with stackalign.exp.

--- gcc/	2013-02-27 08:27:26.000000000 +0100
+++ gcc/	2013-03-04 13:11:48.002638910 +0100
@@ -494,10 +494,11 @@ xm_include_list=@xm_include_list@
 # This lists a couple of test files that take most time during check-gcc.
 # When doing parallelized check-gcc, these can run in parallel with the
 # remaining tests.  Each word in this variable stands for work for one
@@ -517,8 +518,10 @@ check_gcc_parallelize=execute.exp=execut
 		      compile.exp=compile/\[9pP\]*,builtins.exp \
 		      compile.exp=compile/\[013-8a-oq-zA-OQ-Z\]* \
 		      dg-torture.exp,ieee.exp \
-		      vect.exp,guality.exp,unsorted.exp \
-		      struct-layout-1.exp,stackalign.exp,$(dg_target_exps)
+		      vect.exp,unsorted.exp \
+		      guality.exp \
+		      struct-layout-1.exp,stackalign.exp \
+		      $(dg_target_exps)
 lang_opt_files=@lang_opt_files@ $(srcdir)/c-family/c.opt $(srcdir)/common.opt


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