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[Ada] An actual for a formal type that is an extesion of a limited interface

AI05-087 is a binding interpretation that applies to previous versions of the
language. The compiler diagnoses the error at the point of instantiation in
Ada2012 mode, and at a point of illegal use in  Ada2005 mode.

the command:
    gcc -c -gnat05 proc.adb
must yield:

   proc.adb:18:05: instantiation error at line 13
   proc.adb:18:05: assignment not available on limited type

the command:
   gcc -c -gnat12 proc.adb
must yield:

   proc.adb:18:45: actual for non-limited "T" cannot be a limited type
   proc.adb:18:45: instantiation abandoned
   proc.adb:33:06: "Store" is undefined

procedure Proc is
   package Pack is

      type Ifc is limited interface;

         type T is abstract new Ifc with private; -- T is nonlimited: 7.5(6.1/2)
         procedure Classwide_Store (Target : out T'Class; Source : T'Class);
   end Pack;
   package body Pack is
      procedure Classwide_Store (Target : out T'Class; Source : T'Class) is
          Target := Source;
      end Classwide_Store;
    end Pack;
    use Pack;

    procedure Store is new Classwide_Store (Ifc); -- legal? (No.)

     task type Tsk;
     task body Tsk is
     end Tsk;

     type Has_Task is limited new Ifc with
             F : Tsk;
         end record;

     X, Y : Has_Task;
     Store (X, Y);

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2012-02-22  Ed Schonberg  <>

	* exp_ch5.adb (Expand_N_Assignment_Statement): Reject an
	assignment to a classwide type whose type is limited, as
	can happen in an instantiation in programs that run afoul or

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