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Re: Implementation of swi attribute for ARM

On 21/02/12 19:30, Barracuda wrote:
> 1) No, I don't. I think I should read FAQ about this then work will be completed =) I'm not interested in "copyrighting" this, just want to share it with other people.

This is an FSF concern, it has to be sorted to their satisfaction and rules.

> 2) Probably most hard part for me, but I'll try to do this.
> I've never used testsuites before, but now it's time to begin.
> 3) What type of documentation I must provide? Brief annotation (as for other attributes)? Yes, I've just use standart calling convention - first 4 args resides in r0-r3, others in stack.

Patches to the GCC manual (to be found in the texinfo files in the
gcc/doc subdirectory of the sources).

> 4,5,6,7,8,10 - thanks for help, I made some corrections and improvements - wrote comments, tidy up the style, add more range and null-pointer checks. Also, as you suggested, in addition to "svc" I've implemented "smc" attribute and dummy "hvc" attribute - can't find documentation for hvc, I've just noted it's Hypervisor Call. Then code will be completed, I'll made patch for trunk, for now I can't checkout it, sorry.
> And, of course, thanks for reply


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