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RE: [patch] clean up a bit

By the way, the "compile" subset of the testsuite works for pdp11; it has some errors which still need cleanup but a large fraction works.


-----Original Message-----
From: Steven Bosscher [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 5:09 PM
To: Koning, Paul; GCC Patches
Subject: [patch] clean up a bit


Just a few cleanups for things I noticed last weekend.

* Constraints on define_expand are never used, remove them (most other ports do not have constraints on define_expands either)
* Some patterns have no name, makes debugging a bit harder
* The divmodhi4 expander has been commented out since Day 1 of egcs.
Explain why.

Tested by building the compiler. For pdp11-elf, which is not a supported target according to backends.html, but it's not rejected.
Not sure what the right target is to compile for. In any case, I obviously have no PDP-11 to test on. But the patch has no changes that impact code generation (the constraints were already ignored).

OK for trunk?


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