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Re: [PATCH] ARM fixed-point support [6/6]: target-specific parts

On Fri, 13 May 2011, Julian Brown wrote:

> although Joseph's comments have (hopefully) all been addressed. One
> must now configure with "--enable-fixed-point" to enable the
> fixed-point support.

No, that's not how this configure logic works; it enables fixed point by 
default for the given targets.  The bit that enables it by default for 
MIPS (and that you're changing to cover ARM as well) is the code that is 
called if the user *doesn't* pass --enable-fixed-point or 

That is, for ARM and non-IRIX MIPS it's enabled by default; for other 
targets it's disabled by default.  In any case, an explicit configure 
option overrides this default.  Which is the logic we want.  The only 
problem is the calls to AC_MSG_WARN, which produce

configure: WARNING: fixed-point is not supported for this target, ignored

when you didn't pass any fixed-point configure option.  And that's a 
pre-existing problem, that could be fixed simply by removing two 
AC_MSG_WARN calls.

Joseph S. Myers

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