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RFA: Fix PR tree-optimization/46621

Bootstrapped on i686-pc-linux-gnu .

Cross-built "all-gcc" configured with --enable-werror-always for:

alpha-linux-gnu  hppa-linux-gnu  microblaze-elf       s390-linux-gnu
arc-elf          ia64-elf        mips-elf             score-elf
arm-eabi         iq2000-elf      mmix-knuth-mmixware  sh-elf
avr-elf          lm32-elf        mn10300-elf          sparc-elf
bfin-elf         m32c-elf        moxie-elf            spu-elf
cris-elf         m32r-elf        v850-elf
crx-elf          m68hc11-elf     pdp11-aout           vax-linux-gnu
fr30-elf         m68k-elf        picochip-elf         xstormy16-elf
frv-elf          mcore-elf       ppc-elf              xtensa-elf
h8300-elf        mep-elf         rx-elf

2010-11-24  Joern Rennecke  <>

	PR tree-optimization/46621
	* gimple.h: Don't include tm.h or hard-reg-set.h .

Index: gcc/gcc/gimple.h
--- gcc/gcc/gimple.h	(revision 167087)
+++ gcc/gcc/gimple.h	(working copy)
@@ -27,8 +27,6 @@ Software Foundation; either version 3, o
 #include "vecprim.h"
 #include "vecir.h"
 #include "ggc.h"
-#include "tm.h"
-#include "hard-reg-set.h"
 #include "basic-block.h"
 #include "tree-ssa-operands.h"
 #include "tree-ssa-alias.h"

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