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Re: Adding Leon processor to the SPARC list of processors

Eric Botcazou wrote:
>> I would suggest a simple solution:
>> I can have 5 --with-cpu configure possibilies:
>> 1. single-lib explicit selection:
>>  - --with-cpu=sfsparcleon    : v7/soft |
>>  - --with-cpu=sfsparcleonv8  : v8/soft |
>>  - --with-cpu=hfsparcleon    : v7/hard |
>>  - --with-cpu=hfsparcleonv8  : v8/hard |
> --with-cpu isn't really appropriate for this, we already have --with-cpu=v7/v8 
> and --with-float=soft/hard and --disable-multilib.

Still I need to select sparc_cpu and too. I could then add -mtune=leon at
compiletime to switch sparc_cpu, but the I have to give -mtune=leon every time.
I would like to be able to make it the default. With just
 [ --with-cpu=v7/v8 | --with-float=soft/hard | --disable-multilib ]  to configure
you cant.
So then my suggestion would be to use tripple
 [ --with-cpu=sparcleonv7/sparcleonv8 | --with-float=soft/hard | --disable-multilib ]
to configure. And add the 2 cpu types sparcleonv7,sparcleonv8 that would replace
Does this sound good?

-- Greetings Konrad

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