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Re: Adding Leon processor to the SPARC list of processors

Eric Botcazou wrote:
>> Yes, if all the people who want only one set of libraries agree on what
>> that set shall be (or this can be selected with existing configure flags),
>> this is the simplest way.
> Yes, this can be selected at configure time with --with-cpu and --with-float.
> The default configuration is also straightforward: LEON is an implementation 
> of the SPARC-V8 architecture so --with-cpu=v8 and --with-float=hard.
>> Also, it might happen that someone doesn't want one multilib dimension, but
>> they want to keep another one.
> Indeed, being able to partially disable multilibs would be nice.

I would suggest a simple solution:
I can have 5 --with-cpu configure possibilies:

1. single-lib explicit selection:
 - --with-cpu=sfsparcleon    : v7/soft |
 - --with-cpu=sfsparcleonv8  : v8/soft |
 - --with-cpu=hfsparcleon    : v7/hard |
 - --with-cpu=hfsparcleonv8  : v8/hard |

2. generic multilib:
 - --with-cpu=leon           : defaults to v7/hard
                               use [-mcpu=v8 / -msoft-float ]
                               at compile-time to select the hardware setting.

Is this a practical approach? It would only
require one extra file, say "gcc/sparc/config/t-leon-multilib" that
enables multilib and is included with configure when --with-cpu=leon is given.

I'll prepare a patch that provides such a setup.

-- Greetings Konrad

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