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Re: simple-object vs. Solaris

Eric Botcazou <> writes:

>> Does this patch solve the problem?
> Definitely, thanks!

Thanks for testing it.

I also bootstrapped it on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu and ran all the
lto.exp tests.

I'm a libiberty maintainer and the gcc/lto change is both trivial and
obvious given the other changes.  Committed to mainline with the
following ChangeLog entries.



2010-11-16  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* simple-object.h (simple_object_attributes_merge): Declare,
	replacing simple_object_attributes_compare.


2010-11-16  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* simple-object.c (simple_object_attributes_merge): Rename from
	simple_object_attributes_compare.  Call merge field.
	* simple-object-common.h (struct simple_object_functions): Rename
	attributes_compare field to attribute_merge.
	* simple-object-elf.c (EM_SPARC): Define.
	(EM_SPARC32PLUS): Define.
	(simple_object_elf_attributes_merge): Renamed from
	simple_object_elf_attributes_compare.  Permit EM_SPARC and
	EM_SPARC32PLUS objects to be merged.
	(simple_object_elf_functions): Update function name.
	* simple-object-coff.c (simple_object_coff_attributes_merge):
	Rename from simple_object_coff_attributes_compare.
	(simple_object_coff_functions): Update function name.
	* simple-object-mach-o.c (simple_object_mach_o_attributes_merge):
	Renamed from simple_object_mach_o_attributes_compare.
	(simple_object_mach_o_functions): Update function name.


2010-11-16  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* lto-object.c (lto_obj_file_open): Call
	simple_object_attributes_merge rather than

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