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Re: Go front end review: files outside gofrontend/

"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:

> On Tue, 16 Nov 2010, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
>> > are generally more sensible than the cargo-culted rules in other 
>> > directories that involve checking for a -cross binary and possibly 
>> > installing a non-functioning copy of the driver in $(gcc_tooldir)/bin/.  
>> > But if you have these rules you shouldn't still have the -cross binary.  
>> > And I think the *correct* rules everywhere ought to involve installing the 
>> > $(target_noncanonical)-{gcc,g++,gccgo,etc.} driver everywhere (though most 
>> > languages install one for both native and cross, this patch would not 
>> > install one for gccgo for native) and not installing any copies in 
>> > $(gcc_tooldir)/bin/ - furthermore, at least the $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) 
>> > commands should not ignore errors.
>> This rule does install gccgo for native, so I'm not sure what you mean
>> there.  I changed this to not ignore the exit status of the
> What I'm referring to is the installation of $(target_noncanonical)-gccgo.  
> For example, there's a $(target_noncanonical)-gcc binary for native as 
> well as for cross.

Oh yeah.  Sorry for being dense.  I committed a patch to the gccgo
branch to fix this.  Thanks.


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