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Re: [lto, doc] Use nm -png in collect2 on Solaris 2

On 16/11/2010 17:08, Rainer Orth wrote:
> and on sparc-sun-solaris2.10 where it exposed 181 regressions.  Eric
> already described the issue in
> but got no reply whatsoever.

  Sorry Eric, I saw and have kept your email aside, but wanted to finish
dealing with PR462690 before I replied.

> Would it be acceptable to deal with this in libiberty/simple-object-elf.c
> (simple_object_elf_attributes_compare) the same way it was done in
> gcc/lto/lto-elf.c (is_compatible_architecture) before, i.e. upgrade
> attrs1->machine to EM_SPARC32PLUS if a v8plus object file is added?

  Yes, I think adding the machine info to the attributes is the best solution,
it was certainly what I planned to try doing.

> It would be good to have this breakage fixed soon, given that is has
> existed for almost two weeks since the introduction of the
> simple_object_* functions.

  Again, sorry; not forgotten but I should have said I'd put it on my to-do
list.  It was a matter of getting major features in during stage 1 so that we
could fix any bugs arising during stage 3...

  Shall I leave it with you, or would you like me to go and have a bash at it?
 I'm not a SPARC expert but if you pointed me at a testcase I could go use the
cfarm machines to test a patch.


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