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Re: Add libquadmath - and use it in gfortran (round SIX)

Hi Ian,

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Tobias Burnus <> writes:
> > a) The libquadmath library itself, which is licensed under the LGPL:
> >
> Are we clear on the copyright status of this code with regard to
> including it in the gcc distribution?

I think this question can be better answered by either FX (François-Xaver
Coudert) or by the GCC steering committee. However, as far as I understood
from FX, from Toon, who raised the topic on the SC mailing list, and from
another GCC SC member, RMS allowed the inclusion of libquadmath but as some
parts are LGPL and the FSF is not allowed to relicence it -- the library
has to be under the LGPL. Hence, it should be a separate toplevel library
in GCC.

FX wrote in #gcc on October 27:
         no, we got SC approval (directly from RMS, yeah!) 
  < fx_> jakub_: that was done in private mail with Toon Moene, though, not on the lists (don't know why)
  < fx_> the thread ends with RMS saying "  For instance, we could include them
  < fx_> in GCC under the LGPL, and put them in a separate library to call
  < fx_> users' attention to the different license"
  < fx_> (and the next mails from the SC said: go ahead and do that)


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