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Re: [PATCH] fix Objective-C, further improve error recovery for unknown type names

> You are right.  However, there would be a subtle change, in that the 
> shiny new unknown type name error would be disabled in C 'for' loop 
> initial declarations, same as it is disabled for Objective C:

Thanks - you are right - I hadn't noticed that.

The C and Objective-C compilers should really behave identically when
parsing non-Objective-C things (such as a standard 'for' loop).  If 
your patch intentionally breaks that, it's a problem. ;-)

> This can be fixed by adding a c_dialect_objc check to 
> c_parser_next_tokens_start_declaration (after which you can do what you 
> suggest).  You can even get the new error to work for ObjC if you check 
> for RID_IN.  However, I'll leave it for a separate patch, possibly 
> written by somebody with more interest in Objective-C. :)

I think you should add the missing checks that you describe to restore
having the same behaviour in C and Objective-C; it probably would have 
taken you less time to fix your patch than to write the changes in an 
email to get me to fix it for you ;-)

But you're actually worrying me as I'm now fearful that many more differences 
between C and ObjC may have been introduced.  Maybe we should run the C 
testsuite with the compiler in ObjC mode ?


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