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Re: Miscellaneous diagnostics cleanup

On Thu, 11 Nov 2010, Steve Kargl wrote:

> If it is the consensus of the GCC community to have a uniform 
> appearance for error message across GCC, then I see no reason
> that gfortran cannot adopt the lowercase initial word and the
> trailing period.  The changes can be implemented in stages.

(It's *no* trailing period that's standard.  gfortran has a mixture, but 
pretty consistently uses initial uppercase.)

The rule that the sentence is considered to start with the program or file 
name at the start of the line, so that the diagnostic starts with a 
lowercase letter (and that diagnostics are formatted with file names and 
line and column numbers in a particular format) is actually from the GNU 
Coding Standards; GCC has extended it to include the "error:", "warning:" 
etc. notation before the message text.  Likewise, the rule against 
trailing period is also from the GCS.

If gfortran wishes to move towards the GCS-specified formatting it would 
be nice to work out how to add support for features gfortran's diagnostics 
code has that the generic code doesn't (in particular caret diagnostics) 
to the generic code so that gfortran can move to sharing the generic code 
rather than needing its own implementation.  (Sharing the generic code 
would in turn allow gfortran to benefit from generic features such as 

Joseph S. Myers

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