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Re: [PING*4] add support for dwarf AT_GNU_descriptive_type

Joel Brobecker wrote:

I don't have time (or interest) in building an ada
compiler with and without a patch and reproducing
some one else's test case.

I'm just trying to understand how you're trying to help in this
discussion. It sounds to me like you wanted to look at the debugging
info generated by the compiler for some of the constructs that
trigger these parallel types, and help finding better ways of
generating the associated DWARF.

Yes. If there is a better way to describe the source using existing DWARF constructs, I'd like to be able to recommend it. If there is a need for an enhancement or extension to describe Ada better, I'm interested.

If this is what you were trying
to do, then that's beside the point of this attribute. We know
that the DWARF data generated by the compiler is sub-optimal,
and that in theory we should be able to express most of the stuff
using standard DWARF.  However, in practice, enhancing the compiler
to do so is a very large project in itself for which we do not
anticipate having much time for.   This patch will make things
much better for the Ada enthusiasts out there at a small cost
in terms of GCC code (one lang hook, IIRC?).

I've seen several cases where a compiler was generating DWARF in a way that was awkward. The compiler writers wanted to add extensions to DWARF to work around the problems they had caused. I don't know whether that is the case here.

Extensions tend become de facto standard.  Rather than have that
happen, I'd like to understand the root problem and fix that
rather than patch over it with an extension.

Michael Eager
1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306  650-325-8077

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