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Re: [PATCH] GTY documentation update

Hi Ralf -

Thanks for your comments.

> You can make reviews even easier by ensuring that your patches are
> either inline (and not mangled) or attached but not declared as
> octet-stream MIME type, so that replying to them inline is
> straight-forward. ÂThanks.

I am not sure how to achieve this with Gmail. .diff or .txt attachment
file extension perhaps? Does anyone have Gmail-specific tips here?

> Although not specified by the GNU Coding Standards or GCC's Coding
> Conventions, it is a good idea to keep the line length for ChangeLog
> entries below 80 or 72, even if only to make them look neat and un-
> wrapped in email. Â;-)

That's what I get for typing in the ChangeLog directly in e-mail. Of
course the committed version will be correctly wrapped :)

> Several lines in your patch introduce (more) trailing white space in the
> text.


>> +If @code{field_vec->elts} stores @code{n} elements, then @code{size}
> I'd use @var{n} ...

Texinfo manual says "Use the @var command to indicate metasyntactic
variables" and "Do not use @var for the names of particular variables
in programming languages." I have trouble understanding if n and size
are metasyntactic or not, so I really don't know which one to choose.

>> +At the time of @code{ggc_collect} call all pointers in the GC-marked
> s/of/& the/


>> +allocators unless all the fields are initialized manually immediatelly
> immediately


>> +after the allocation.
> s/the //


>> +@node Troubleshooting
>> +@section Troubleshooting the garbage collector
>> +@cindex garbage collector, troubleshooting
>> +
>> +With the current garbage collector implementation most issues should
>> +show up as GCC compilation errors. ÂSome of the most commonly
>> +encountered issues are described in the following.
>> +
>> +@itemize @bullet
>> +@item Gengtype does not produce allocators for a GTY-marked type.
>> +Gengtype checks if there is at least one possible path from GC roots
>> +to at least one instance of each type before outputing allocators. ÂIf
> outputting


Here is v2 of the patch (trying attachment with .diff this time)

Further comments, OK for trunk?

2010-11-09  Laurynas Biveinis  <>

        * doc/gty.texi (GTY Options): Clarify that variable_size produces
        allocators taking size in bytes, compare with length option.  Add
        size calculation example.
        (Invoking the garbage collector): Ensure that sentences are
        followed by two spaces.  Describe that pointer fields must be
        initialized at ggc_collect call.
        (Troubleshooting): New section.


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