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Re: RFA: Fix m32c --enable-werror-always build

This is OK.  Thanks!

> 2010-11-05  Joern Rennecke  <>
> =09PR target/44754
> =09* config/m32c/m32c.c (m32_function_arg): Rename declaration to...
> =09(m32c_function_arg).  Add comma between arguments two and three.
> =09(m32c_promote_prototypes): Remove declaration.
> =09(current_function_special_page_vector): Likewise.
> =09(m32c_regno_reg_class): Change return type to enum reg_class.
> =09(m32c_pushm_popm): Use add_reg_note.
> =09(m32c_push_rounding): Change return type to unsigned int.
> =09(m32c_legitimize_reload_address): Cast argument 11 to push_reload to
> =09enum reload_type.
> =09(m32c_insert_attributes): Constify variable name.
> =09(m32c_output_aligned_common): Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED to argument decl.
> =09(m32c_prepare_shift): Remove variable lref.
> =09(m32c_expand_movcc): Remove variable cmp.
> =09(m32c_expand_insv): Fix check of op0 rtx_code to use GET_CODE.
> =09(m32c_compare_redundant): Remove variable op2.
> =09* config/m32c/m32c-pragma.c ("c-family/c-common.h"): Include.
> =09(m32c_pragma_memregs): Assign the number to target_memregs.
> =09(m32c_pragma_address): Remove variable var_str.
> =09* config/m32c/m32c.h (REG_CLASS_FROM_CONSTRAINT): Case value to
> =09enum reg_class.
> =09* config/m32c/ (andsi3): Add default case to switch.
> =09(iorsi3, xorsi3): Likewise.
> =09* config/m32c/ (addsi3_1, subsi3_1): Likewise.
> =09* config/m32c/ (call, call_value): Likewise.
> =09* config/m32c/m32c-protos.h (m32c_push_rounding): Update prototype.
> =09(m32c_regno_reg_class): Likewise.
> =09(current_function_special_page_vector): Declare.

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