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Re: [PATCH 1/3] Add native ELF and LTO support in collect2

> Hm, why not just force the use of a linker that has plugin support?

I mainly did it so that the constructors etc. would be still
generated by collect2. But maybe that could be fully done
by the linker now. I must admit I don't understand all 
the implications of such a change, so I preferred to keep
the old mode and just make it work with LTO symbol tables.

There's also two additional uses of this infrastructure
(which are not in this patchkit yet):

- Detect leftover non LTO code from earlier ld -r and use objcopy to copy
it to a new object file and include it. This can be easily done
with slim LTO.
The main use of that is handling .S files LTO build that uses ld -r.
Without it that code would disappear during LTO.
I need that for a project I'm interested in. This was the main
reason I implemented slim LTO in the first place.

- Automatic detection of LTO so that if a Makefile forgets 
to add the lto options for the final link it would still work.
This is actually needed for a full gcc lto slim bootstrap right
now because libiberty doesn't set correct stage2/3 link flags.

Perhaps that's obsolete, if ld plugin support is universal
the plugin could be just enabled unconditionally. I was a bit
wary of this before because it would mean unconditional gold
and gold still seems to have trouble with some code.


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