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Re: [Patch, fortran] OOP - PR41648 and PR41656

Hi Paul,

Paul Richard Thomas wrote:
Bootstrapped and regtested on FC9/x86_64 - OK for trunk?

Ok. Some minor comments you should consider though (or comment on, respectively):

+  /* Convert the vindex expression.  */
+  gfc_init_se (&tmpse, NULL);
+  gfc_conv_expr (&tmpse, elist->vindex);
+  gfc_add_block_to_block (&se->pre, &tmpse.pre);
+  vindex = gfc_evaluate_now (tmpse.expr, &se->pre);

This kind of stuff has always confused me, but what's about Don't you need to handle this, or is it actually even not like I assume this works...?

+ full reference list (new_ref), the declred type and the class


+get_class_from_expr (gfc_ref **class_ref, gfc_ref **new_ref,

Why did you call this get_*class*_from_expr? Just curious, for me (and as a non-native speaker) it is not clear how this relates to the stated purpose in the comment before it.

+! Contributed by

(twice in test cases) -- I think you may want to either add a name or remove that.

Thanks for the patch!


PS: Your diff's would be much more readable (at least to me) if you would do them with the -p flag (shorthand for --show-c-function) added so that it is readily visible for all hunks (well, most) which function they belong to.

Done:  Arc-Bar-Cav-Ran-Rog-Sam-Tou-Val-Wiz
To go: Hea-Kni-Mon-Pri

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