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Re: [PATCH] MIPS: Fix PR target/39079, __builtin___clear_cache() broken on SMP ISA_HAS_SYNCI systems.

David Daney <> writes:
>  From the bug:
>    We expand __builtin___clear_cache() to a 'synci' instruction on
>    ISA_HAS_SYNCI systems, which invalidates the icache only on the
>    local CPU.
>    On an SMP system, the caches on all CPUs should be invalidated.  To
>    achieve this we need to drop back to the old way of doing things by
>    using the cache flush system call.
> To fix this, I added a new command line option (-msynci/-mno-synci) that 
> enables and disables the generation of the synci instruction for 
> clearing the icache.  The default is to disable synci, but the default 
> can be overridden at configure time with the --with-synci option.

Thanks for doing this.  My only real concern is that having an -msynci
option and using it in this way might be confusing.  Most other -m
instruction options control whether the ISA supports an instruction,
whereas here we care about whether an available instruction can be
used in a certain way.

What do you think about having an -mmp/-mup pair of options instead?
If the idea's OK, suggestions for better names are welcome.


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