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Re: [PATCH]: Use mpc_pow in the fortran frontend

Kaveh R. GHAZI schrieb:
> Bootstrapped on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu with MPC svn (which has
> mpc_pow), with mpc-0.6 (no pow), and without MPC.  All three scenarios
> had no regressions.
> Okay for mainline?
OK. Thanks for checking for all the special cases to make sure MPC does
the right thing - and thanks for this patch.


PS: For those not following the MPC development, missing (C99/F2008)
functions are mpc_acos, mpc_asin, mpc_atan, mpc_acosh, mpc_asinh,
mpc_atanh. And MPFR misses (F2008) SCALED_ERFC. The implementation of
all of those is planned; the inverse complex trigonometric/hyperbolic
function will (hopefully) happen in the next few months.

> 2009-06-26  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>
> gcc/fortran:
> 	* gfortran.h: Define HAVE_mpc_pow.
> 	* arith.c (complex_reciprocal, complex_pow): If HAVE_mpc_pow,
> 	don't define these functions.
> 	(arith_power): If HAVE_mpc_pow, use mpc_pow.
> gcc/testsuite:
> 	* gfortran.dg/integer_exponentiation_4.f90: Temporarily
> 	comment out some values and add some cases.

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