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Re: PATCH RFA: Support --enable-build-with-cxx at top level

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
This patch adds support for --enable-build-with-cxx at the top level.
When --enable-build-with-cxx is used, c++ is configured at stage1, and
libstdc++-v3 is bootstrapped.  This also passes down CXX and
CXX_FOR_BUILD to the post-stage1 passes.  (The --enable option must be
mechanically convertible into the name of a shell variable, so it
can't be --enable-build-with-c++).

Can you please try the approach of modifying boot_language=${enable_build_with_cxx}? I would very much prefer to have a generic mechanism that bootstraps the target libraries for a language if it is marked as a boot_language, rather than the special casing of

+  # libstdc++-v3 is a special case: we bootstrap it only if
+  # ENABLE_BUILD_WITH_CXX is "yes".
+  target_bootstrap_suffix="${bootstrap_suffix}"
+  if test "${module}" = "libstdc++-v3"; then
+    if test "$ENABLE_BUILD_WITH_CXX" != "yes"; then
+      target_bootstrap_suffix=no-bootstrap
+    fi
+  fi


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