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Re: [PATCH, doc] missing option in list

Hmm, this got me thinking there could be more typos in @option entries.
Looking through the output of

for entry in `sed -n '/^@opindex  *\([^ ]*\)/s//\1/p' *.texi`
  noentry=`echo $entry |
           sed 's,\(.\)\(no-\)\(.*\),\1\3,
  fdump_tree=`echo $entry | sed 's,^fdump-tree-,,'`
  grep " -\{1,2\}$entry" *.texi >/dev/null ||
  grep " -\{1,2\}$noentry" *.texi >/dev/null || {
       test "$entry" != "$fdump_tree" &&
       grep " $fdump_tree$" *.texi >/dev/null
  } || echo not found: $entry nor $noentry.

I arrive at this patch.  OK for trunk?  Tested 'make info html pdf'.

(I suppose the "@itemx -Wlarger-than-@var{len}" is nontrivial as I'm
unsure whether it is obsolete or deprecated.)


2009-06-13  Ralf Wildenhues  <>

	* doc/invoke.texi (Warning Options): Add @itemx for
        (Debugging Options): Fix option index entries for -fdump-statistics,
        -frandom-seed add entries for -fdump-tree-original,
        -fdump-tree-optimized, -frandom-seed=@var{string}.
	(FRV Options): Fix entries for -mTLS, -mtls.
        (HPPA Options): Fix entries for -mgnu-ld, -mhp-ld.
        (i386 and x86-64 Options): Fix entry for -mno-red-zone.
	(M68hc1x Options): Fix @itemx for -mnominmax.
        (MCore Options): Fix entry for -mno-lsim.
        (MMIX Options): Fix entry for -mabi=mmixware.
        (PDP-11 Options): Fix entry for -mbcopy-builtin.

diff --git a/gcc/doc/invoke.texi b/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
index f8792f4..8adec53 100644
--- a/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
+++ b/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
@@ -3628,6 +3628,7 @@ Warn whenever a local variable shadows another local variable, parameter or
 global variable or whenever a built-in function is shadowed.
 @item -Wlarger-than=@var{len}
+@itemx -Wlarger-than-@var{len}
 @opindex Wlarger-than=@var{len}
 @opindex Wlarger-than-@var{len}
 Warn whenever an object of larger than @var{len} bytes is defined.
@@ -5052,7 +5053,7 @@ Dump after function inlining.
 @end table
 @item -fdump-statistics-@var{option}
-@opindex -fdump-statistics
+@opindex fdump-statistics
 Enable and control dumping of pass statistics in a separate file.  The
 file name is generated by appending a suffix ending in
 @samp{.statistics} to the source file name, and the file is created in
@@ -5111,9 +5112,11 @@ The following tree dumps are possible:
 @table @samp
 @item original
+@opindex fdump-tree-original
 Dump before any tree based optimization, to @file{@var{file}.original}.
 @item optimized
+@opindex fdump-tree-optimized
 Dump after all tree based optimization, to @file{@var{file}.optimized}.
 @item gimple
@@ -5272,7 +5275,8 @@ analysis and transformation is reported.  This is the same verbosity level
 that @option{-fdump-tree-vect-details} uses.
 @item -frandom-seed=@var{string}
-@opindex frandom-string
+@opindex frandom-seed
+@opindex frandom-seed=@var{string}
 This option provides a seed that GCC uses when it would otherwise use
 random numbers.  It is used to generate certain symbol names
 that have to be different in every compiled file.  It is also used to
@@ -10589,12 +10593,12 @@ optimization option such as @option{-O3} or above is present in the
 command line.
 @item -mTLS
-@opindex TLS
+@opindex mTLS
 Assume a large TLS segment when generating thread-local code.
 @item -mtls
-@opindex tls
+@opindex mtls
 Do not assume a large TLS segment when generating thread-local code.
@@ -10976,7 +10980,7 @@ Generate the predefine, @code{_SIO}, for server IO@.  The default is
 options are available under HP-UX and HI-UX@.
 @item -mgnu-ld
-@opindex gnu-ld
+@opindex mgnu-ld
 Use GNU ld specific options.  This passes @option{-shared} to ld when
 building a shared library.  It is the default when GCC is configured,
 explicitly or implicitly, with the GNU linker.  This option does not
@@ -10988,7 +10992,7 @@ using @samp{which `gcc -print-prog-name=ld`}.  This option is only available
 on the 64 bit HP-UX GCC, i.e.@: configured with @samp{hppa*64*-*-hpux*}.
 @item -mhp-ld
-@opindex hp-ld
+@opindex mhp-ld
 Use HP ld specific options.  This passes @option{-b} to ld when building
 a shared library and passes @option{+Accept TypeMismatch} to ld on all
 links.  It is the default when GCC is configured, explicitly or
@@ -11713,7 +11717,7 @@ darwin only the -m64 option turns off the @option{-fno-pic} and
 @option{-mdynamic-no-pic} options.
 @item -mno-red-zone
-@opindex no-red-zone
+@opindex mno-red-zone
 Do not use a so called red zone for x86-64 code.  The red zone is mandated
 by the x86-64 ABI, it is a 128-byte area beyond the location of the
 stack pointer that will not be modified by signal or interrupt handlers
@@ -12602,7 +12606,7 @@ Enable the use of 68HC12 pre and post auto-increment and auto-decrement
 addressing modes.
 @item -minmax
-@itemx -nominmax
+@itemx -mnominmax
 @opindex minmax
 @opindex mnominmax
 Enable the use of 68HC12 min and max instructions.
@@ -12693,7 +12697,7 @@ Generate code for a little endian target.
 Generate code for the 210 processor.
 @item -mno-lsim
-@opindex no-lsim
+@opindex mno-lsim
 Assume that run-time support has been provided and so omit the
 simulator library (@file{libsim.a)} from the linker command line.
@@ -13513,7 +13517,7 @@ to the @code{rE} epsilon register.
 @item -mabi=mmixware
 @itemx -mabi=gnu
-@opindex mabi-mmixware
+@opindex mabi=mmixware
 @opindex mabi=gnu
 Generate code that passes function parameters and return values that (in
 the called function) are seen as registers @code{$0} and up, as opposed to
@@ -13660,7 +13664,7 @@ Generate code for a PDP-11/45.  This is the default.
 Generate code for a PDP-11/10.
 @item -mbcopy-builtin
-@opindex bcopy-builtin
+@opindex mbcopy-builtin
 Use inline @code{movmemhi} patterns for copying memory.  This is the

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