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Re: [PATCH] Preliminary DW_OP_{implicit,stack}_value support (take 2)

>> And of course we can't have this going out in gcc 4.5 until the
>> dwarf4 spec is released. ?Is there an eta on dwarf4? ?If not,
>> perhaps this code should simply stay on a branch somewhere...
> I'd say we have a precedent of using DWARF3 draft features years before
> DWARF3 has been released (say DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression), but if you want to
> be cautious this time...
> Cary, can you find out if there is an approx. eta on DWAF4? ?This year, in
> 2 years, within next decade?
> If it would take too long, perhaps using DW_OP_GNU_stack_value (0xf2?)
> would be the way to go.

We've closed the door for new issues, but are still working on
extensions to support C++0x. I think the goal is to have it done
before the end of the year, but we haven't discussed the timeline for
a while now.

I think that, aside from the new C++0x features, everything else
that's new in DWARF 4 is stable enough to start using in gcc.


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