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Re: [patch][plugin] Fix bug in pass insertion

On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 17:38, Olatunji Ruwase<> wrote:

> ÂThe attached patch fixes a bug that could result in a plugin pass
> being inserted multiple times, even though it
> Âwas specified to inserted only once. Also included is a testcase for this bug.
> ÂThis bug occurs when plugin pass A that is to be inserted after gcc
> pass B have the same name.

Good catch.

> 2009-06-04Â Olatunji RuwaseÂÂÂÂ <>
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ * plugin.c(position_pass): Skip newly inserted pass during list
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ traversal to avoid repeated insertion.
> 2009-06-04Â Olatunji RuwaseÂÂ <>
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ * gcc.dg/plugin/one_time_plugin.

Blank line after date.

> c New test to detect multiple
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ insertions of a plugin pass.

No need to explain what the test does in a ChangeLog entry.  Just 'New
test' is fine.

> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ * gcc.dg/plugin/one_time-test-1.c New test case

End sentence with '.'

The rest is OK with Rafael's suggestions.  Do you have write access to
the repository?


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