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Libffi merge [Was Re: [patch] powerpc libffi Net/FreeBSD ]

Dave Korn wrote:
> Andreas Tobler wrote:
>> Ok for trunk?
>> Andrew, I will wait until you did the merge.
>   We should probably institute a coding standard or other process to avoid
> running into this kind of accidental fork again.  Perhaps we could even ask DJ
> to extend his libiberty cross-checker to validate libffi for us as well?

Maybe.  Even after my merge there will be some remaining differences.

*  Libtool differences

*  GPL v3 differences, unless we bump libffi to GPL v3 as well

My first wodge of changes will be only the substantive differences
in the library itself: later I'll get to the testsuite and the rest.
To begin with, I'm just going to update upstream libffi with the gcc
changes, and then see how much difference there is.  I'm guessing not

Questions for Anthony Green:

1.  I don't understand the libffi version numbers.  Can you give
me any explanations?  It seems to be 3.0.8 upstream but 2.1 in gcc,
but this doesn't seem in any way to correspond with reality.

2.  What's with the ChangeLog.libffi and ChangeLog.libgcj files?


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