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Re: [trunk<-vta] Re: [vta,vta4.3,trunk?] introduce -fcompare-debug

Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

>> I don't fully understand what the proposed option does, so I don't know
>> if this comment applies: if this is for a run-time option to improve
>> checking, then it should not be a -f option, it should be a --param.  -f
>> options are for users.  --param options are for developers.
> Err...  -fdump-*, -fsched-verbose, etc are all -f options.  Besides, --*
> is an alias for -f*, so --param is -fparam.  And then, most if not all
> params I'm aware of are for users rather than for developers.

Please consider what I am really saying, and if you want to pick nits
then consider how gcc has developed historically.

> Anyhow, what the option does is to compile twice, once with the given
> flags, once adding the flags given to -fcompare-debug, and comparing the
> final RTL they generate to check that it is the same.

Is this worth doing in gcc rather than in a wrapper script and/or in the
testsuite?  It's a serious question.


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