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[mpost] high-level plugin and static feature extraction support for Milepost GCC, based on gcc4.4.0 + ICI 2.0


attached you will find a patch providing Interactive Compilation
Interface (or ICI) v2.0 support and the hooks for the use of the
static feature extractor for machine learning, as described in last
year's GCC Summit paper  "MILEPOST GCC: machine learning based
research compiler" by Grigori Fursin et al., and on

The plugin infrastructure used for this effort is complementary to
work carried on the plugins branch.  It focusses on a high-level API
aimed at supporting fast
experimentation/prototyping of new analyses and optimizations and provides:

* an abstraction of compiler state (with possibility of limited
adjustments, e.g., compiler params) through the "feature" mechanism;

* a simple interface for pass management: substitution of pass
manager, gate override, tracking of current/next pass;

* dynamic registration of new event kinds.

The patch is provided in three parts: the ChangeLog, patch containing
the changes to the existing GCC 4.4.0 files
(gcc-4.4.0-milepost-ici-2.0.patch), and a tarball containing the new
files (gcc-4.4.0-milepost-ici-2.0-new-files.tar.gz).  This tarball
should be unpacked at the top level of the GCC tree.

Please note that this patch requires the feature extractor code
(gcc/ml-feat.c), which will be provided to this list y Mircea Namolaru
of IBM in a separate email.

On behalf of Grigori Fursin (Inria) and Mircea Namolaru (IBM),

    Zbigniew Chamski (ex-Inria, now Infrasoft IT Solutions...)
dr Zbigniew Chamski - Infrasoft IT Solutions
ul. Oskara Kolberga 33, 09-407 PŁOCK, Poland
mobile: +48 668 773 916, phone: +48 24 262 0166

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