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RE: [PATCH] A new meta intrinsic header file for current and future x86 instrinsics.

> If there are no further comments or objections from AMD people in the
> next 48 hours, and since this header file is intended for _Intel_
> intrinsics, it is OK for mainline.
> BTW: I guess there will be a header file (ammintrin.h ?) introduced to
> include AMD defined intrinsics, so gcc can still add x86intrin.h that
> will include both immintrin.h and eventual ammintrin.h. Hopefully,
> two intrinsics won't step onto each other toes.
> I hope this eventual solution is acceptable to both contributors.
> Thanks,
> Uros.


This proposal is not acceptable to AMD for the following reasons:

- GCC is an open source compiler that is vendor agnostic. We do not want
to see vendor specific intrinsic files, as the ISAs are architecture
specific primarily. This is how it has been till now (eg: emmintrin.h,
xmmintrin.h, etc). Also there are many examples when AMD adopted SSE
instructions after Intel created them, and Intel adopted AMD
instructions after AMD came up with them (latest example: popcnt).

- We recommend that there is only 1 intrinsic file used for all x86
intrinsics. This seemed to have been agreed upon
( We prefer that this
file be neutral and vendor agnostic, which immintrin.h is not.


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