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[4.5] [RFC] Move line-map.* to its own library (libloc)

The following patch moves line-map.* and other stuff related to
locations to a library called libloc. Anything that only needs
location info does not need to link against libcpp or include libcpp.h

The patch is not perfect, I mostly copied the autoconf stuff from
libcpp and surely many things are redundant or not needed. But it
bootstraps and passes regression tests with
--enable-languages=all,obj-c++,ada on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.

Comments? Ideas? Help to sanitize the autconf files?



2008-11-14  Manuel López-Ibáñez  <>

       * configure: Regenerate.
       * Regenerate.
       * Makefile.def: Add libloc.
       * attribs.c: Do not include cpplib.h
       * tree.c (expand_location): Move to line-map.c.
       * input.h (UNKNOWN_LOCATION): Move to line-map.h.
       (BUILTINS_LOCATION): Likewise.
       (expanded_location): Likewise.
       (location_t): Likewise.
       (LOCATION_FILE): Likewise.
       (LOCATION_LINE): Likewise.
       (in_system_header_at): Likewise.
       * Add libloc.
       * system.h: New.
       * New.
       * New. Generated.
       * New. Generated.
       * aclocal.m4: New. Generated.
       * configure: New. Generated.
       * include/line-map.h: Moved from libcpp.
       * line-map.c: Moved from libcpp.
       * Include libloc. Remove line-map.c and line-map.h.
       * include/line-map.h: Move to libloc.
       * line-map.c: Move to libloc.

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