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Re: [PATCH] Fix visibility-16.c, weak-1.c and weak-16.c on arm*-*-* (PR target/37170)

Jakub Jelinek wrote:

It seems REOPENing of PR37170 for arm is very similar to
I've fixed recently on s390.  Arm similarly to s390 uses
assemble_integer to emit constant pool entries, and assemble_integer
doesn't go through output_operand's marking of referenced SYMBOL_REFs
using assemble_external.  As more than one target needs this, I've
exported a new function from final.c instead of letting arm define
its own duplicate of the marking function.

Can anyone please test this on arm?  I've tested by hand that the
3 tests are now fixed.

2008-11-03 Jakub Jelinek <>

	PR target/37170
	* final.c (mark_symbol_refs_as_used): New function.
	* output.h (mark_symbol_refs_as_used): New prototype.
	* config/s390/s390.c (s390_mark_symbol_ref_as_used): Removed.
	(s390_output_pool_entry): Use mark_symbol_refs_as_used.
	* config/arm/ (consttable_4): Likewise.

I don't know about testing arm, but when the patch goes in, I'll commit the following patch to use it for Xtensa. It fixes the same set of tests that were failing on the other targets.

2008-11-05 Bob Wilson <>

        * config/xtensa/xtensa.c (xtensa_output_literal): Call

Index: config/xtensa/xtensa.c
--- config/xtensa/xtensa.c	(revision 141617)
+++ config/xtensa/xtensa.c	(working copy)
@@ -2408,6 +2408,8 @@
   int size;
   rtx first, second;
+  mark_symbol_refs_as_used (x);
   fprintf (file, "\t.literal .LC%u, ", (unsigned) labelno);
   switch (GET_MODE_CLASS (mode))

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