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Re: [PATCH]: bump minimum MPFR version, (includes some fortran bits)

On Sun, 26 Oct 2008, David Edelsohn wrote:

> Graphite's CLooG and PPL libraries use libgmpxx.  Because cc1 is not linked
> by g++, this effectively requires that libgmpxx must be a shared
> library.  libgmp

I hope the Graphite people are working on fixing this for 4.4.  As I said 
in <> (following 
Ian's slides), libstdc++ should be statically linked into cc1 by default - 
which probably means that if static libgmpxx is available then it should 
be used.  I'm also concerned that we still don't have any documentation in 
install.texi concerning these libraries and pointing to suitable release 
tarballs of them in the infrastructure directory - we're nearly two months 
into Stage 3 and these libraries should be subject to much the same 
development stage rules as in-tree optimizers with the versions documented 
to be used and associated configure checks changing only to update to new 
bug-fix minor releases, not major feature releases, while in Stage 3.

Joseph S. Myers

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