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Re: [LTO] Make Move lto-symtab.c out of lto/

2008/10/24 Doug Kwan (éæå) <>:
> Rafael,
>     I have a sandbox for making ipa-cp.c WHOPR friend but I ran into
> problem as some of the lto_symtab functions are used indirectly and I
> got linker errors in the C/C++ FEs because the lto_symbtab functions
> are into the lto1 FE only.  Although we do not read IR files in
> non-lto FEs, the IR reading functions are present in all FEs due to
> pointers to them from the ipa_opt_pass structs.   The summary readers
> now need to know about symbol resolution to discard or ignore summary
> information.  For example, you had to extract a part of the
> lto-cgraph.c into lto1 because it needs to use
> lto_symtab_prevailing_decl.   You also defined a lang-hook just for
> input_cgraph.  I don't think we should define other lang-hooks for
> other IPA summary readers.  Instead the lto_symtab functions should be
> visibile to all FEs. This can simply be done by pulling the file
> lto-symtab.c out of lto1.  When that it done.  I think we can
> eliminate the input_cgraph hook and move back the code to
> lto-cgraph.c, where it logically belongs.
> Thoughts? Comments?

Go for it :-)

I didn't like the addition of the langhook, but it was the easy path.
I don't think it will scale nicely.

The best solution would to have a libgimple that would contain and
isolate the code to read and write IL and call graph, but it will be a
long time before we have one (it is hopeless to have anything but gcc
understand trees). Maybe it can be used as a decision tool. Anything
that would be in such a library should go in gcc/*. Symbol resolution
is in :-)

> -Doug

Rafael Avila de Espindola

Google | Gordon House | Barrow Street | Dublin 4 | Ireland
Registered in Dublin, Ireland | Registration Number: 368047

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