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Re: [graphite] Cleanup of command line parameters [PATCH]


Tobias Grosser wrote:
> another patch. It contains:
> - Removal of documentation outside of common.opts for (-fgraphite,
>   -floop-block, -floop-interchange, -floop-strip-mine)
>   This means doc/invoke.texi.
>   (Proposed by Richi)

While I agree that -fgraphite does not make sense as user option, I'm
not sure about -floop-block and -floop-interchange. I could imagine that
some users would like to play with this option (though I have no real
opinion about this).

> - Removal of flag "-floop-strip-mine", as it never will improve 
>   performance and so there will be no use for it.
>   (Proposed by Harsha)

I might have misunderstood Harsha, but I think he said that it only does
not improve the performance if used by itself, i.e. combined with other
options it is/might be profitable. Thus one may leave it in as
undocumented option. (I have no opinion about this and I did no tests, I
only wanted to stress the "by itself".)

In any case, those changes should also be documented at, which currently lists all options.

Tobias B

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