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Re: [PATCH, build] Fix PR 37137

Adam Nemet <> writes:
> Paolo Bonzini <> writes:
>> I think the problem is that those host libraries should be built with
>> CFLAGS, not LIBCFLAGS.  LIBCFLAGS is a legacy that should be superseded
>> by CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET, and it should be useless to use it in libiberty.
>> In other words, does the attached patch work?

Bootstrapping on mips64octeon-linux-gnu has already completed.  Testing is
still ongoing, I will let you know.  My script will bootstrap and test
x86_64-linux next so by tomorrow morning I should have that as well.

> I will try it but are you sure this does the right thing WRT libiberty as a
> target library.  Specifically, would target-libiberty be compiled with
> optimization in stage1?  I am thinking of the original bug, PR/32161 (stage1
> libgcc is built unoptimized)?

To answer my own question, target-libiberty is not bootstrapped so I guess the
issue does not currently arise.

Can you please add the comments from your explanation to the STAGE*_LIBCFLAGS
variables or whereever you think it's most helpful.  My patch was trying to
also improve the code and explain these variables.


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