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Re: [PATCH rs6000] (small C++ patch) Add intrinsics for the new vec_* specified by the C/C++ Language Extension for the CBEA

Andrew Pinski wrote:
> Hi,
>   This adds the four new intrinsics that are specified by the C/C++
> Language Extension for the CBEA; vec_extract, vec_insert, vec_promote,
> and vec_splats.  These intrinsics do not correspond to any one
> instruction but they are useful for extracting and inserting into a
> vector.  They were designed to correspond to the SPU intrinsics that
> are name similar.
> I implemented so they get translated early on to trees so the tree
> level optimizers can maybe do some optimizations on them.  Currently
> the tree level optimizers don't do much but later on they could, I
> have some ideas of implementing some optimizations for vectors.
> I had to add some small support for C++ to support
> COMPOUND_LITERAL_EXPR to say it is a lvalue.
> OK? Bootstraped and tested on powerpc64-linux-gnu with no regressions.

It would be cool to provide these on every machine.  It is 4.5 material
of course though.  Can you create a PR and CC me?



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