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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR34438 - gfortran not compliant w.r.t default initialization of derived type component and implicit SAVE attribute


I only now had a chance to look at this. The problem is dumb stupidity on my part:

Originally, we had

/* Initialize INTENT(OUT) derived type dummies. */
static tree
init_intent_out_dt (gfc_symbol * proc_sym, tree body)
stmtblock_t fnblock;
gfc_formal_arglist *f;
- gfc_expr *tmpe;
- tree tmp;
- tree present;
gfc_init_block (&fnblock);
- for (f = proc_sym->formal; f; f = f->next)
! {
! if (f->sym && f->sym->attr.intent == INTENT_OUT
! && f->sym->ts.type == BT_DERIVED
! && !f->sym->ts.derived->attr.alloc_comp
! && f->sym->value)
! {
! gcc_assert (!f->sym->attr.allocatable);
! gfc_set_sym_referenced (f->sym);
! tmpe = gfc_lval_expr_from_sym (f->sym);
! tmp = gfc_trans_assignment (tmpe, f->sym->value, false);
! ! present = gfc_conv_expr_present (f->sym);
! tmp = build3 (COND_EXPR, TREE_TYPE (tmp), present,
! tmp, build_empty_stmt ());
! gfc_add_expr_to_block (&fnblock, tmp);
! gfc_free_expr (tmpe);
! }
! }
gfc_add_expr_to_block (&fnblock, body);
return gfc_finish_block (&fnblock);

Note the detection of the presence of the dummy, which I put in the original. For some reason, I negelected to retain it, with the inevitable consequence that the ENTRY where d1 is not present tries to initialise a NULL.

I will add to the testcase and commit asap.

Sorry it's taken so long and thanks for the test.


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