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Re: [C++ PATCH] Fix unification of template template parameters (PRs 32565, 33943, 33965)

On Dec 17, 2007 6:41 PM, Jason Merrill <> wrote:
> Doug Gregor wrote:
> > So it seems like we still need template_template_parm_bindings_ok_p,
> Yeah, this would be something to add to the list of reasons why
> deduction can fail in 14.8.2.

Yes, we need to add this. I'll write up an issue for Core (unless
you'd like to write it?).

> > Well, [temp.deduct]p12 says that one cannot deduce template arguments
> > from any constructs not listed, so it's clear that it is not deduced.
> That's fair, but I still think it's something that was never considered.

You're probably right. I can probably roll this into the same issue
under the heading of "Clarifications to template argument deduction
for template template parameters".

Aside from combining ttp25-27.C into a single test case, extending
that test-case with some non-deduced contexts, and fixing the comment
you referred to... is the patch okay for mainline?

  - Doug

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