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Re: [PATCH] DF documentation update (ur is no more)

> This updates the documentation to remove references to the UR problem. I
> also renamed to must-initialized since it was computing *initialized*
> registers, not uninitialized.


> Eric, if you see any phrasing that can be perfected, please point it
> out.  I'll commit on Monday.

@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ USAGE:
 Here is an example of using the dataflow routines.
-      df_[ru,rd,urec,ri,chain]_add_problem (flags);
+      df_[ru,rd,ri,chain]_add_problem (flags);
       df_set_blocks (blocks);
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ Here is an example of using the dataflow
       df_finish_pass (false);
-DF_[ru,rd,urec,ri,chain]_ADD_PROBLEM adds a problem, defined by an
+DF_[ru,rd,ri,chain]_ADD_PROBLEM adds a problem, defined by an
 instance to struct df_problem, to the set of problems solved in this
 instance of df.  All calls to add a problem for a given instance of df
 must occur before the first call to DF_ANALYZE.

What are the RU and RI problems?  According to df.h, the only problems are

/* Scanning is not really a dataflow problem, but it is useful to have
   the basic block functions in the vector so that things get done in
   a uniform manner.  The first four problems are always defined.  The
   last 5 are optional and can be added or deleted at any time.  */
#define DF_SCAN  0 
#define DF_LR    1      /* Live Registers backward. */
#define DF_LIVE  2      /* Live Registers & Uninitialized Registers */
#define DF_RD    3      /* Reaching Defs. */
#define DF_CHAIN 4      /* Def-Use and/or Use-Def Chains. */
#define DF_NOTE  5      /* REG_DEF and REG_UNUSED notes. */

Please also fix the above comment, there are obviously not 9 problems anymore.

Eric Botcazou

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