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Re: [patch] Loop distribution for single nested loops

On Dec 5, 2007 3:57 PM, Richard Guenther <> wrote:
> Well, I'm hesitant to make exceptions (uh, you could argue it's the rule, not
> an exception) - and from your requrest for feedback (Oct 3th) to this final
> patch there were more than two month.  We're in the third month of stage3.
> I'd rather honor people fixing bugs, not people inventing (or finishing) new
> passes at this point ;)

I could also "sell" this pass as fixing all the vectorization bugs
concerning unaligned stores, so in some extent I did fixed bugs by
proposing this new pass.  I hope you don't mind if in the next days
I'm going to fix some missed-vectorization PRs ;-)

> But, if it doesn't touch generic code and isn't on by default

This is the case for the proposed pass.

> I am not absolutely 100% against it.  But then I also do not see the
> need to push it to 4.3.

That's what we called "technology preview" when Daniel Berlin, David
Edelsohn and I wanted to integrate the loop interchange in GCC 4.0 ;-)
Except that this time I spent much more time to fix the bugs in this
"technology preview" than I spent back in September 2004.  If I'm
submitting this pass at this late point, it is also because I wanted
to fix all the bugs that I could find, going through the transformed
cases one by one ensuring that there is no wrong code generated, etc.

AMD - GNU Tools

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