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Re: Patch PR libfortran/30321

2006-12-30 Thomas Koenig <>

	PR libfortran/30321
	* m4/ifunction.m4 (name`'rtype_qual`_'atype_code):
	Check for extents < 0 for zero-sized arrays.  If
	no retarray has been specified and the size is zero,
	return early.
	(`m'name`'rtype_qual`_'atype_code): Likewise.

OK. One question, though, about the following bit of code:

+	  /* Make sure we have a zero-sized array.  */
+	  retarray->dim[0].lbound = 0;
+	  retarray->dim[0].ubound = -1;
+	  return;

I made a patch (actually, patches) similar to yours for SPREAD, TRANSPOSE and other such array transformational intrinsics, and I never included this kind of code because I believe the front-end is responsible for setting this up. Do you have a testcase that fails if this code is removed, or did you just add it to be on the safe side?

I hope you get me right, I have absolutely nothing against being on the safe side, of course :) I'm just wondering if the code for the intrinsics I once patched still has to be patched...


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