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Re: [PATCH] Fix mingw32 bootstrap regression.

On Sat, Dec 23, 2006 at 04:19:42PM -0500, 'Bob Rossi' wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 24, 2006 at 08:52:27AM +1300, Danny Smith wrote:
> > This error:
> > > >   -o libgcc/./_chkstk.o
> > > > xgcc.exe: CreateProcess: No such file or directory
> > 
> > is probably because ORIGINAL_AS_FOR_TARGET is incorrect in your
> > configuration.
> > 
> > What sh.exe are you using?  How is your build dir rooted (is it
> > binmode)? 
> Hi Danny,
> Looks like I'm having this problem,
> Look at Dave's reply,

Hmm, Here is the output of xgcc with -v in it,

$ /home/bobbybrasko/gcc/svn/build4/./gcc/xgcc -v -B/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/svn/build4/./gcc/ -L/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/svn/build4/mingw32/winsup/mingw -L/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/svn/build4/mingw32/winsup/w32api/lib -isystem /home/bobbybrasko/gcc/svn/gcc/winsup/mingw/include -isystem /home/bobbybrasko/gcc/svn/gcc/winsup/w32api/include -B/mingw/mingw32/bin/ -B/mingw/mingw32/lib/ -isystem /mingw/mingw32/include -isystem /mingw/mingw32/sys-include -O2 -I../../gcc/gcc/../winsup/w32api/include -O2 -g -O2  -DIN_GCC    -W -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -Wold-style-definition  -isystem ./include   -g -DHAVE_GTHR_DEFAULT -DIN_LIBGCC2 -D__GCC_FLOAT_NOT_NEEDED  -I. -I. -I../../gcc/gcc -I../../gcc/gcc/. -I../../gcc/gcc/../include -I../../gcc/gcc/../libcpp/include -I/msys/1.0/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/gmp/gmp/include -I/msys/1.0/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/mpfr/prefixdir/include -I../../gcc/gcc/../libdecnumber -I../libdecnumber -DL_chkstk -xassembler-with-cpp -c ../../gcc/gcc/config/i386/cygwin.asm -o libgcc/./_chkstk.o
Using built-in specs.
Target: mingw32
Configured with: ../gcc/configure --with-gmp=/msys/1.0/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/gmp/gmp --with-mpfr=/msys/1.0/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/mpfr/prefixdir --with-gcc --host=mingw32 --build=mingw32 --target=mingw32 --with-arch=i486 --with-tune=i686 --disable-werror --prefix=/mingw --with-local-prefix=/mingw --enable-threads --disable-nls --enable-languages=c,c++,objc,fortran --disable-win32-registry --disable-sjlj-exceptions --enable-libstdcxx-debug --enable-cxx-flags=-fno-function-sections -fno-data-sections --disable-shared --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs
Thread model: win32
gcc version 4.3.0 20061223 (experimental)
 cc1 -E -lang-asm -quiet -v -I../../gcc/gcc/../winsup/w32api/include -I. -I. -I../../gcc/gcc -I../../gcc/gcc/. -I../../gcc/gcc/../include -I../../gcc/gcc/../libcpp/include -I/msys/1.0/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/gmp/gmp/include -I/msys/1.0/home/bobbybrasko/gcc/mpfr/prefixdir/include -I../../gcc/gcc/../libdecnumber -I../libdecnumber -iprefix c:\cygwin\home\bobbybrasko\gcc\svn\build4\gcc\../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.3.0/ -DIN_GCC -DHAVE_GTHR_DEFAULT -DIN_LIBGCC2 -D__GCC_FLOAT_NOT_NEEDED -DL_chkstk -isystem /home/bobbybrasko/gcc/svn/gcc/winsup/mingw/include -isystem /home/bobbybrasko/gcc/svn/gcc/winsup/w32api/include -isystem /mingw/mingw32/include -isystem /mingw/mingw32/sys-include -isystem ./include ../../gcc/gcc/config/i386/cygwin.asm -mtune=i686 -march=i486 -W -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -Wold-style-definition -fworking-directory -O2 -O2 -O2 -o c:\WINDOWS\TEMP/ccIQV1na.s
xgcc.exe: CreateProcess: No such file or directory

It tries to call cc1. I don't have that on my path. Is cc1 normal to

Bob Rossi

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