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Re: libgcc move to the top level

2006-12-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>

	* Makefile.def (target_modules): Add libgcc.
	(lang_env_dependencies): Remove default items.  Use no_c and no_gcc.

We actually don't need lang_env_dependencies at all. I'll work to move these into target_modules (using new attributes like libstdcxx_depend, no_libc_depend and no_libgcc_depend respectively), but it's ok to do it after this is committed.

	* Makefile.tpl (clean-target-libgcc): Delete.
	(configure-target-[+module+]): Emit --disable-bootstrap dependencies
	on gcc even for bootstrapped modules.  Rewrite handling of
	lang_env_dependencies to loop over target_modules.
	* (target_libraries): Add target-libgcc.
	*, configure: Regenerated.

2006-12-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>

	* Update comments mentioning libgcc.
	(all.cross, start.encap, rest.encap, rest.cross): Update
	dependencies for libgcc move.
	(, LIBGCC_DEPS, libgcov.a, libgcc.a, stmp-multilib)
	(clean-target, clean-target-libgcc): Delete.
	(srcdirify): New macro.
	(libgcc-support, libgcc.mvars): New rules.
	(distclean): Remove mention of mklibgcc.
	(install): Don't reference INSTALL_LIBGCC.
	(install-common): Don't reference EXTRA_PARTS.
	(install-libgcc, install-multilib): Delete rules.
	* Delete file.
	* doc/configfiles.texi: Don't mention mklibgcc.

These bits are ok.

For the toplevel libgcc build machinery, as I told you privately I'm worried that moving config.gcc fragments into the libgcc, and at the same time preserving the correct case ordering, will be a nightmare. So I think that even the first version of libgcc;s should be based on config.gcc and should already list the cases in the correct order. This way, moving stuff from gcc to libgcc will be much easier.

I'll review the toplevel libgcc build machinery as soon as I get an updated patch with this change.

Also, right now, there is practically no example of how to move the EXTRA_PARTS to the libgcc directory. I'd appreciate if at least one arch maintainer would help you moving their arch's stuff to the libgcc directory. Of course it's okay if you post one such example soon after committing, or even better before (anyway, this would be a separate commit from this already huge patch).

However, I'd like to have a second opinion on everything :-) but especially, I'd rather have somebody else review the config/ bits (both in gcc and srcdir).



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