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Re: [PATCH] Make global file function names link unique

On 18/12/2006, at 4:57 PM, John David Anglin wrote:

The property of first_global_object_name is that
first_global_object_name is set to this value only for this
compilation in the whole link.  If this is not happening on HP-UX, it
would be better to fix that rather than work around it.  For example,
in the first patch you quoted, this happens "because ... overrides
new", so perhaps an override of new should not be placed in
first_global_object_name (although I do not see why this causes a
problem; there can be only one override of new in a whole program).
This is the only purpose of first_global_object_name, so if this can
not be made to work then first_global_object_name is useless and
should be removed.

first_global_object_name is not being set to a value that's unique for all links with libstdc++. first_global_object_name is the same for an object in and for the object with the overloaded value of new in the cxa_vec application. As a result, the initializer for the EH unwind data in libstdc++ doesn't run and the unwind data for libstdc++ doesn't get properly initialized. Obviously, if this can happen with libstdc++ it can happen with other shared libraries.

OK. This should never happen. To fix this bug, you should make it not happen.

As a first step, I would start by finding out what exactly this symbol is that's being used in first_global_object_name in two different objects. Note that the standard operators 'new' in libstdc++ should be 'weak' or similar, and therefore should never appear in first_global_object_name. It may be that there's something special about how it's handled in HP-UX which defeats this mechanism.

It is not obvious that it can happen with other shared libraries, since only libstdc++ defines weak versions of 'operator new'.

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