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Re: [MinGW] Set NATIVE_SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR relative to configured prefix

Bob Rossi wrote:

> It doesn't look like Danny was building a relocatable gcc for mingw.

Of course he does.  The packages would be useless if they had to be
installed in a specific directory.  That was the point I tried to make
when you first posted, that this is supposed to be the inherent case of
the MinGW target, you aren't supposed to have to do anything special in
order for the compiler to be relocatable.

If it's currently broken in HEAD (note: I don't know why you're using
4.1, that's two branches behind, so it's not quite indicative of the
current state of things) then that means somebody needs to investigate
exactly what's happening and submit a patch.

> I may try a little more, but because of my lack of knowledge with gcc, I
> don't even know how to get myself from the state I'm at, to a better
> state.

These kinds little issues are exactly why you don't yet see gcc 4.x
packages available for distribution from MinGW or Cygwin.


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