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Re: PR 30089: Fix ICE in operand allocation

Andrew MacLeod wrote on 12/14/06 09:22:
On Thu, 2006-12-14 at 07:31 -0500, Diego Novillo wrote:
Jan Hubicka wrote on 12/14/06 05:33:

I would say that this patch is the most likely suspect for memory
increase reported for this night. (memory tester jammed, so there are
quite few patches cumulated together).
It is 12% for insn-attrtrab, but we are still bellow memory usage before
your merge and above memory usage before original Daniel's aliasing
fixes (that was about 100MB, now we are almost 130)

It may be, yes. We shouldn't need the static buffer for long, hopefully. Andrew is changing this code. I will try to adjust it down in the meantime.

It would be odd if this was responsible for a measurable increase in
memory. Its simply the size of the buffer we create to sub-allocate
operands out of.

The theory is that if you make that buffer 10 times larger, you have to
allocate new buffers 10 times less often, and although your wasted
memory might go up due to a mostly unused buffer, it shouldn't go up by
more than the size of one buffer, which in this case was less than 100K
on a 64 but machine...

Oh, OK, thanks. I've lowered the number to something that still handles PR30089 and I'm running tests over all of my sandbox to see if it makes a measurable difference. If this isn't it, I will leave the limit as is, and we should be looking at the other patches to find the culprit.

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