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Re: VFPv3 and FLDMD unwind support for ARM, revised version

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 16:07, Mark Shinwell wrote:
> This patch is a revised version of one posted some time ago.  It adds
> support for VFPv3 in the unwinder and also uses FSTMD instead of FSTMX
> instructions for saving VFP registers in the frame (as per a request
> from Richard Earnshaw).  Unlike the previous patch it always uses
> FSTMD/FLDMD instead of the X variants.
> Tested on arm-none-eabi with no regressions.  OK for mainline?

I think it deserves a comment in arm.c saying that while technically fldmd is 
only safe on armv6, all known armv5 VFP implementations DTRT.

>    /* ??? The frame layout is implementation defined.  We describe
> -     standard format 1 (equivalent to a FSTMD insn and unused pad word).
> +     the FSTMD insn format (without the pad word as used by FSTMX).
>       We really need some way of representing the whole block so that the
>       unwinder can figure it out at runtime.  */

This comment is redundant. Remove it.

Ok with that change.


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